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Modello blu


Pila di libri
Servizio Fotografico
Libri antichi
Schedario verticale


Outsourcing management of public libraries with its own staff, back and front office services, planning of cultural events, workshops and meetings with authors, management of meetings with school groups, promotion of reading, Nati per Leggere workshops.


Digitization of modern and ancient books, manuscripts, iconographic, photographic, paper material, industrial goods, maps, correspondence. MAG, METS, PICO metadata.


Cataloging of modern and ancient book collections and manuscripts; subjection with the New Subject of Florence; classification CDD 14th, Reichat; laminated cover; labeling; SBN-Web, Clavis, Sebina Next, Erasmo Web, Aleph.


Reordering, discarding, computerized filing up to the level of a single document, inventory.

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