Describing the company's identity, its values and its mission, starting from the most distinguishable elements.

Underlining the link between the current brand and its history.

A narrative process that starts from within the company, using traditional and modern communication media (archives, theme expositions, web, social networks) and reaches the audience, making it feel like an essential part of the experience.

Ultimately, an innovative and effective marketing tool which can be fully used in both internal and external communication.



Narrating the company history and its identity through visual projections that show the changes in internal and external communication.


  • Exhibitions

  • Events

  • Publications

  • Short films

  • Multimedia contents



Developing a type of company communication that describes the history, talents, quality, skills, ethics, values and details regarding its work in an engaging narrative context. Internal and external communication channels become the elements that connect this narrative world.


  • Cultural Marketing

  • Museums and exhibitions

  • Experience design



Creating a digital historical archive and a digital library will allow companies  and the people who have been a part of their work to preserve their past and cultural heritage and to tell their stories, enhancing the brand's prestige, quality and reliability.


  • Document archive

  • Library

  • Advertising material

  • Newspaper library

  • Photographic library

  • Objects

  • Video archive